Air Resource Compliance Calculator (CARB)

The state of California’s Environmental Protection Agency has established emission requirements for off road internal combustion powered forklift trucks. The California Air Resource Board (CARB) is following in the European Union’s steps by specifically measuring maximum Hydro Carbons (HC) and Nitric Oxide (NOx) allowed by forklifts based on forklift vintage and fleet size. In January 2009, fleets of forklifts must meet specific grams of HC and NOx averages. Already established and enacted into law, over the next four years the average will be reduced. California plans to decrease forklift emissions by up to 90 percent.
EnerSys supports this green initiative to remove harmful pollutants to the environment and employees driving these forklifts. We offer this tool for our California customers as a measurement of compliance by date. We also hope this tool inspires other partners of ours to do their part to provide better air quality for their employees and their planet. This standard is currently only being mandated in California, but we expect the Federal Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing as well.
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